In 2008, Valdo Spumanti’s export increased by 5%, obtaining excellent results in traditional markets as well as around the world in new markets including Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Korea, and China. Valdo Spumanti’s presence in over 30 countries highlights the company’s goal to promote the culture of spumante Prosecco around the world.

Vinitaly, April 2-6 2009 – In 2008, Valdo Spumanti increased its export sales by 5% compared to 2007, representing 35% of the company’s sales. Germany continues to be the most important foreign market – maintained by product diversification and sales channels – while export to other European countries, England and Austria, continues to increase.

Constant growth has been achieved in the past seven years as a result of a well organized sales team and strong alliances with important foreign distributors. Valdo Spumanti’s positive numbers are based on the company’s strategy abroad which offers a unique product for restaurants – five products which are part of the Linea Prestigio. The company has also renewed the image of its Prosecco, focusing on the elegance of its products and promoting all year round consumption and not limiting consumption to special occasions, holidays, and aperitivi as consumers typically did in the past. For the future, the company plans to increase sales, both in Italy and abroad, by continuing the type of promotion mentioned above as well as by promoting the increasingly popular “aperitivo”.

In 2009, Valdo Spumanti will continue its positive relationship with the United States, which was recently strengthened by a successful restructuring of sales channels which has allowed Valdo Spumanti to enter the most influential and visible American states like New York.

Valdo Spumanti is very interested in Eastern /Asian markets, especially Korea and China, and throughout 2009, the company will participate in trade shows and workshops in that region. In Japan, where the consumption of wine and spumante is continuously increasing as a result of the cultural changes, especially with the younger generations, Valdo Spumanti focused on the promotion of the image of Prosecco. Forward looking after the company’s successful experience in Japan, also due to the partnership with Kikkoman – a licensed importer which exclusively distributes the brand – Valdo Spumanti plans to follow the same strategy in other Asian markets.

Valdo Spumanti will not, however, ignore the West and is proud to boast excellent contacts in Eastern Canada – Québec and Ontario – and British Colombia, where successful sales have placed the company in a privileged position among market leaders.

One of the most loved products abroad is the irresistible Prosecco Metodo Classico Valdo Numero 10, the true diamond of the Linea Prestigio, which best expresses the Valdobbiadene based company’s excellence and know how.