VALDO Spumanti, a name that evokes the sweet hills of DOC Valdobbiadene, a town in north-east Italy and located very close to Venice, popular for the extraordinary quality of its grapes and now the hub for the production of the world-famous Prosecco.

This fresh sparkling wine with its refined perlage, can be easily paired with most sophisticated preparations but is also ideal for very simple and informal occasions. Always a winner, it is increasingly appreciated worldwide because it can be served throughout the meal.

Valdo plays a leading role in the domestic market but has already an extended international reach: the relevant volume of cross-border sales achieved by the company stresses the reputation Valdo Prosecco enjoys abroad.

As a result of Valdo success, brand loyalty has been earned in almost 30 countries, and in particular in Germany and Great Britain where products sales hold top positions. This is the reason why the company aims to expand distribution and penetrate new markets willing to share the company’s passion for Prosecco.

Backed by a wide range of products and above all the Prosecco Marca Oro DOC, the most prestigious wine with its unique yellow pack, Valdo can meet all kinds of business requirements as well as the needs of all consumers to the most demanding ones.

Over the years, Valdo has received numerous domestic and international awards but the greatest success of all is the approval achieved as a result of the tradition, expertise and quality of its Prosecco which is appreciated also in far-away countries where traditions and lifestyle are so different but threaded together by Valdo Spumanti.

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