In June 2008, Valdo Spumanti launched a new editorial venture with the creation of Perlage, the in-house company publication established as a real magazine, dedicated to our high-end clientele.

More than just a tool for passing on information about the company, with each issue Perlage covers topics on leisure, culture and bubbles.

It is, to all effects, a valid journalistic product and not simply a self-reflecting journal for the company.

The pages of Perlage include interviews with celebrities, sports and culture personalities as well as entrepreneurial figures, all of whom represent the high standard of Valdo products and the clientele at which they are aimed.

One of our key aims is to promote the Italian sparkling wine culture. It is therefore a publication of specialised information, thanks to our constant dialogue with industry professionals: the best chefs, sommeliers and experts in the wine trade.

The graphics are captivating and elegant, images are in keeping with the Prestige product line and the world of Spumante that Valdo represents.



April 2018

A prosecco Brut obtained with certified organic grapes from the DOC zone with reduced sugar content.



April 2017

Valdo has chosen Milano Design Week to present the latest Valdo Rosé Floral Edition



May 2016

Valdo Rosè Floral Edition 2015 was awarded a Vini&Consumi Award

Massimo Poloni


April 2016

Interview with Massimo Poloni, Valdo spumanti global Directoriale Generale Valdo Spumanti.

Maria Paola Visconti


November 2015

Interview with Maria Paola Visconti, Consortium Coordinator at the Saporem space of the Eataly pavilion at Expo 2015.

Fabrizio Sclavi


March 2015

Fabrizio Sclavi has made two fabulously colourful Special Editions for Valdo, inspired by pop art and featuring his own characteristically exuberant style.

Guido Bagatta


October 2014

Sports journalist and commentator Guido Bagatta is also a fan of fine Italian cuisine paired with a flute of Valdo bubbles.

Nicolas Feuillatte


April 2014

Since 2014, Valdo has been the exclusive distributor of famous champagne brand Nicolas Feuillatte. It is the number one champagne in France, third in the world.