At the prestigious Veronese exhibition, the Valdobbiadene-based wine estate in tandem with PreGel will present the joint outcome and a revolutionary idea in the world of Prosecco: Valdo N’Ice®. This is the result of Valdo Spumanti’s dynamic market commitment and search of consumption opportunities for a superior but also versatile product as its Prosecco wine.

Vinitaly, 8 to 12 April 2010 – . Growing tension on the eve of Vinitaly slated in Verona from 8 – 12 April 2010. At the Verona kermesse, Valdo Spumanti will add unexpected “consistency” and “flavor” to its traditional sparkling wine bubbles. A leading producer of Prosecco in Italy and number one in Dry Charmat wines, Valdo Spumanti will present Valdo N’Ice®, the first Valdo Prosecco Ice Cream and Sorbet.

For the first time ever, Valdo N’Ice® will represent a pioneer proposal in the food business, and a new way to taste a growingly successful and revisited product. With its main focus on high quality combined with innovation, Valdo Spumanti has seized the trend launched by traditional ice cream workshops that are increasing their alcohol-based range of ice creams. The gourmand innovations ready for the Vinitaly kickoff are the result of a partnership Valdo has signed with PreGel, a company based in Reggio Emilia and an international leading producer of ice cream and pastry semi-finished products. Valdo N’Ice® secret is the new Base Allegra, obtained by PreGel Research&Development laboratory that helps the ice cream maintain a full-bodied and consistent structure enhancing the quality of Valdo Prosecco wine.

We are looking forward to having Valdo N’Ice® debuting at a prestigious event such as Vinitaly after the initial successful test sales in ice cream shops and horeca – informs Giovanni Negri, Trade Marketing Manager at Valdo Spumantias a market leader, we aim to widen the horizon and seize new sales opportunities for our Prosecco wine with a dual objective: highlighting and promoting its versatile features as well as approaching new styles and consumption areas, i.e. new markets. I wish to emphasize that Valdo N’Ice® is the result of a partnership with a key player in the ice cream business such as PreGel who shares our passion for innovation and new challenges”.

As a result of this operation, the Valdobbiadene-based wine estate will debut in premium ice cream shops in Italy, but will also strengthen, widen and diversify its superior catering range with its Valdo N’Ice® sorbet that adds to Valdo Numero 10, Cuvée del Fondatore, Cuvée di Boj, Viviana Cartizze and Cuvée dei Dogi, the five top quality references in the Prestigio Line dedicated to the Ho.Re.Ca. industry.

The collaboration with Valdo Spumanti – states Dario Rabboni, General Director of PreGelled us to offer a product with a plus in terms of quality but also with a distinguishing feature that makes it successful among consumers ever more enticed by alcohol-based ice creams and sorbets. And Valdo is the perfect answer”.

Valdo N’Ice® will play a key role in Fuori Vinitaly a “sparkling” side event organized during the Prosecco Week. Valdo and PreGel have already promoted this initiative among the best ice cream shops in the areas of Verona and Brescia with POP material and posters. This unmissable appointment aims to spread this innovative and gourmand break for tastign Valdo’s Prosecco wine.