Italy’s leading spumante producer has recently renewed its website with the new HTML5 language matched to CSS3 maker styles for quick recognition and adaptation to the resolution of any navigation device for immediate use and wide appeal.

Valdobbiadene, May 18, 2012- Valdo Spumanti, the Italian leader in the production of Prosecco and Dry Charmat, has renewed its online look to become truly multi-platform: the https://www.valdo.com site renewed and developed with modern technology is now finally visible not only on computers (desktop, laptop or power book) but even the most popular tablets and smartphones.

With more attractive graphics and faster loading, the Valdo website is now multi-device friendly with Responsive Webdesign to guarantee users the best utilization experience for every situation. Thanks to its new HTML5 language matched to CSS3 styles, the website quickly recognizes and adapts itself to the mobile device’s resolution while keeping its distinctive “look & feel” intact.

HTML5 is the latest web page design language structured to increase inter-operability of infrastructure online, in this way meeting the need of other web applications until now neglected by previous HTML versions.

Internet use by mobile devices is increasing day by day. One Italian out of six regularly navigates the Net via smartphone and tablet. Valdo.com welcomes the new trend by renewing its service to offer both new and old clients the best online experience possible with the same approach that has made its spumante wine among the best in Italy.