Prestige line

Cuvèe 1926

Sparkling wine Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG E. Dry

Product description

It was 1926, when the first bottle was uncorked with the start of a great company. This date combined with Valdobbiadene of which we are so proud, and “Prestige” are behind the new Prosecco wine: a tribute to our history and your palate

Valdo Spumanti

A date, 1926, and a place, Valdobbiadene, from here comes our name full of pride and prestige

Long Charmat Method

5-month Charmat ageing followed by 3 months in the bottle

Worldwide known

A mild and extra dry bouquet, which has delivered worldwide fame to Prosecco


750 ml

1500 ml

3000 ml