Oro Puro is the latest entry in the range of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G., and Valdo’s favourite to penetrate the high-end market where the company holds a leading position with a 16.4% share in value. Obtained from a thorough selection of Glera grapes, Oro Puro marks an important step in Valdo’s leading strategy, increases the range and improves the value of a top-performing segment. Oro Puro will be presented with a clean-cut approach strategy as of the end of spring 2011.

Vinitaly, 7-11 April 2011 – Vinitaly will be the venue to kick off D.O.C.G. Valdobbiadene Superior Prosecco Oro Puro, the latest premium proposal by Valdo Spumanti – Italy’s leading producer of Prosecco and Dry Charmat – dedicated to the modern channel.

This top-of-the-range evolution in the Marca Oro range, and a leading brand in largescale distribution with a market share of 13% in volume* and 14.7% in value*, is a corporate unparalleled best seller. Oro Puro will improve future sales in the Spumante market, and in the Prosecco market in particular, a segment that already accounts for half of the purchases in this category where the Valdobbiadene-based company holds 13.7% market share in volume* and 16.4% in value*.

The new entry will be available on the shelves of top retailer chains as of spring 2011. Valdo will focus on the brand awareness and the marketing success achieved by Marca Oro in order to maintain its high-end market position and the brilliant results achieved in terms of volume and value*: 30% increase backed by a product which is immediately perceived as its natural quality evolution.

Oro Puro is a brand evoking Valdobbiadene golden slope area, and is obtained with Glera grapes selected from leading DOCG Valdobbiadene cultivation areas and hand-harvested only. Before soft pressing, grapes undergo a micromaceration to extract the greatest part of traditional flavours from the skin. Produced with the Charmat Method with 5-month vat ageing and a further 3-month bottle refinement, Oro Puro has a typical straw yellow color with golden reflexes, very fine and persisting perlage, and a unique, refined, harmonious flavor. For this premium product, Valdo has selected an important bottle with dark satin glass and a distinguishing label, very elegant and essential following Marca Oro’s trend. As a result, Oro Puro is a first-rate product, a top quality D.O.C.G. Superior Prosecco ideal for important occasions.

Following the success achieved by Marca Oro – explains Giovanni Negri, Trade Marketing Manager Valdo Spumantiwe decided to launch Oro Puro with a view to further strengthening our supply within a growing market segment which is of fundamental importance for sparkling wines. Oro Puro is the best representative of Valdobbiadene land combined with our capability to propose a first-quality Prosecco to the Large-scale market”.