Valdo Spumanti, a name that evokes the images of the mild slope area featuring D.O.C.G. Valdobbiadene. Located a few kilometers from Venice in north-east Italy, this land full of history is renowned for the high quality of its grapes and the greatest production potential of its Prosecco wine.

With its refined perlage, this spumante wine wins you over with the first sip, and is ideal from easy, informal to sophisticated preparations and occasions. In Italy and abroad, this unparalleled protagonist of the wine world, is achieving growing success and popularity as the official toasting wine for important domestic and international appointments.

With its leading position in the domestic market including the Dry Charmat business which represents the most important market in the entire range of the Spumante wines, the company has a wellestablished international reputation. For our company exports account in fact for 45% in volume and 34% in value with a growth by 20% in 2009 over 2008.

Among the 30 export markets of Valdo Spumanti, Germany ranks first followed by Great Britain with an increasing interest in Prosecco posting + 14.4% in volume and +14.2% in value. Excellent results also in Austria: +8.1% in volume and 12.9% in value.

Good business opportunities are expected in non-European countries. In particular, business expanded in Brazil and the US where an agreement with the Pasternak/Chateau Lafite Rothschild Group has been signed for the distribution of Valdo’s products that could pave the way for greater progress in overseas operations and in challenging markets such as New York.

Our future goals? Continue to expand in markets showing passion for the world of “made-in-Italy” sparkling wines with a view to promoting the Prosecco culture throughout the world. Undisputable is the success achieved in Mexico, where Valdo Spumanti has become synonymous with quality and style, is present in all first-rate restaurants, and is the protagonist of all the important events such as the International Film Festival of Moreira twinned with the Cannes Film Festival.